FDJ, the national lottery and the French leader in gambling and entertainment, the #2 Lottery in Europe and #4 worldwide, offers more than 90 games, lottery - draw-based games (Loto, EuroMillions) and scratch-card games (Millionnaire, Astro, Vegas, Cash)and sports betting (ParionsSport), at points of sale and online. FDJ's performance is driven by a portfolio of iconic, historic, and recent brands, the #1 local sales network in France, a growth market, recurring investment, and an innovation strategy to make its offering and its distribution more attractive with an enhanced gaming experience.

In 2018, from 25 million players, with more than 30,000 points of sale and 2,300 employees, FDJ collected €15.8 bn in stakes, 15% of which were digital. It distributed €10.7 bn to its players, contributed €3.6 bn to public finance, and paid its retailer network €0.8 bn. To adapt its model and bring FDJ to the digital and entertainment age, FDJ strategic project aims to transform the games and services offering, the customer relationship and its organization. Innovation is central to FDJ’ strategy: in 2018, around €25 million were invested in capital venture funds and FDJ has developed a network of more than 50 innovation partners. Being a partner of Techstars illustrates this mindset: the search for new solutions supplied by a different ecosystem. With the Techstars Paris Accelerator, FDJ will be able to detect and experiment with new technologies and innovative solutions to serve its strategy.


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